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5 hair care routine for men's that every guys know. so lets gets start.

The hair care routine one of the most important thing that you can do for yourself 

from a men grooming prospective. who ever you are,  where ever you are, in the world at some point in your life your hair gone start thinning out and that's why while you are young you gone take care of your hair as well as scalp

                                                           whassup everybody this is your best friend  for improving yourself this hair care routine all about hair from health prospective. How to take care of your hair, How to oil your hair, how to wash hair in the correct way.

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coconut oil is best because its naturally heat up your scalp

You should oil your hair 2-3 time in a week. because oiling on hair keeps nourish it. you should heat up the oil before the applying on your scalp that hot oil opens up the skin holes. it easily seep in to the scalp. it helps in the growth of your hair but most important it keeps your hair thick as long as possible. keeps in mind that don't oiling hair very much because dandruff could be come in your hair.just rubbing lightly on your scalp like a smooth massage.

2.Hair Wash:-

First of all you must know that the use only famous and trusted brand of hair washing products. use anti dandruff shampoo one time in a week not every day because these anti dandruff shampoos are very strong and they can damage your hair if you overuse these products.
next is mild shampoo basically these shampoo made for women's but everybody can use these shampoo
mild shampoo are the best always you can use this 2-3 times in a week. i recommend you to buy a mild shampoo for better growth of your hair 

mild shampoo              >             anti dandruff shampoo

3.Clean up pillows case :-     

this is very important for take caring of your hair because some time our pillow cover gets very dirty is very harmful for your hair. make sure your pillow cover is clean. 

4. Conditioners:-

Keep in mind that if your hairs are not so dry when don't use conditioners because conditioners are oily products they makes your hair oily if your hairs are very dry. always use shampoo and conditioners are same brands. if hairs are dry you can use conditioners one time in a week.but again don't overuse it.


Combing is very important factor for your hair care routine.it massage your scalp and increase blood circulation of your scalp.
keep in mind again the combing way should be correct, just stroke your hair along its natural direction of growth And make sure the comb make contact with your scalp for a good blood circulation.

For today that's it. if your know hindi language please check out my old post for improving men's 

5 hair care routine for men's that every guys know. so lets gets start.

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hair growth tips

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hair care tips 
hair growth tips 

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