Top 5 best fitness tips | Fitness tips for teenagers

Top 5 best fitness tips

hey guys here i am give Top 5 best fitness tips. these tips are very powerful if you follow these tips according to me. before starting i would say to all of you my English is not so good but you can understand what i am saying OK lets start.

Top 5 best fitness tips

1. Mentality of A winner:-

mentality of a  winner is that they don't look at fitness as a short-term solution. you are not supposed to do it for those bulgy shoulders, those abs, that chest line, those those traps. your supposed  to do it for yourself eventually. when you grow older you want to go into your old age as a strong individual. you wanna be healthy from the inside that's when your brain works the best and when your brain works the best you perform incredibly well in the rest your life. Use fitness as kind of a base for the rest of you life to grow that's how i look at it and that will only happen when you look at fitness as a long-term lifestyle to be  serious about all these factors your diet being regular at the gym just making healthier life choices. try be regular in the gym some people like that they stop the gym in the exams it ok but you should again start the gym after exams.

2. Don't do over workout:-

you should go to gym 5 days in a week and be serious about rest days rest in general and not over working out in the gym. if you are gonna take up a fitness lifestyle injuries of going to be a part of your life. three rules keeps in mind firstly learn about your body. if you too tiered on a particular days say no to gym. sometimes taking step back might pay off in the long term.secondly if you feel something going wrong in your body in the middle of your workout. if you feel sharp pain anywhere in you body stop your workout at that point . check yourself with the help of your trainer don't try pushing yourself too much. 

3. Stretching and massages:-

Get serious about stretching and massages if you not serious these factors it might be lead to injuries. when you are doing lot of weight training there os a lot of damages . your inflecting on your muscles and as important as that damages for your muscles to grow it's as important to put your body in a position in order to recover optimally so get serious about stretching in the first place it help improve your flexibility and it also helps relax your  muscles at the end of a workout as for massages get serious about something like sports massages. it helps increase the blood flow in that region it helps release the muscles a little bit.

4. Lower body training:-
Top 5 best fitness tips

this very serious problem in the world of fitness train your legs and train your  lower back just because you are not exposing your legs and lower back to the world it doesn't mean that you are not  important muscles groups also keep in mins that if you are training from an aesthetics point of view you are trying to look sexy your legs are a big part of looking sexy. there's a lot of  girls who tell you that chicken legs are a automatic turnoff you want to avoid that situation but don't just do it for the sexiness factor do it for your overall strength levels.
this is very important to your looking. if your have sexy body with the chicken legs this is not looking cool bro.

5. say no to steroids:-
Top 5 best fitness tip

lot of trainers are using steroids and promoting steroids to teenagers this is very very very wrong idea to making perfect cuts in your body. most of the victim of steroids are teenagers because they don't know the steroids are very harmful. steroids making body very fast and when your stop taking steroids your body becoming very loose and it give lot of problems like men boobs loose muscles etc. don't use steroids.

these are
Top 5 best fitness tips for you

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