6 Men's dressing style Tips || 6 dress styles tricks 2019

6 Dress Styles Tricks || Men Dressing Style 2019

Hello Friends My name is Devendra Kumar. Today I'm going to tell you some fashion tricks. As you all know, dressing is so important to increase your confidence. I hope my fashion tricks will work a lot. I myself also follow these dressing style tricks.
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1. Blue Jeans :-

The first tip is that you should always have a deep blue jeans. There should not be more holes or torn. Must be very simple. Which you can wear with everything. You can also wear it with a jacket, wear it with a t-shirt and wear it with a shirt too.

2. Shoes :-

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Second tip is that you should also pay attention to your shoes. Most people pay attention to their t-shirts, pay attention to the pants, pay attention to the shirts. But they never pay much attention to the shoes.This is a big fashion mistress. People look at your shoes first when they see you. What you wear shoes, overlays your style. If you are wearing boots with black t-shirts and jeans. And if you are wearing sneakers with black t-shirts and jeans. Your look will be different in both the positions.

3. Watches:-

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The next tip is that if you are going to an event or you are going to a party or if you are going to college, then always wear a watch. If you wear your watch with any look, then you become slightly mature in the eyes of the people. Always wear a watch.

4. This is not a trick.  i will tell you to buy some types of cloths which You can always wear.

  • PLAIN BLACK T-SHIRT:- First of all, talk about Plain Black T-shirt. You must have these T-shirts. The advantage of this is that you can match it with any type of outfit. It can also be round nac, or even v-nac.




  • If your budget allows, then buy a light blue shirt. Once you buy it , then it will be working in the party, office, everywhere.

  • The next thing you need to buy right now is black shoe. If taking sneakers or taking laughers First of all, you should take black shoes.

5. Neat And Tidy:-

Whatever clothes you are wearing, remember that they are clean. You should always take care of your clothes. They should always be ironed out. Never brush the clothes while washing clothes. Do not fold in your clothes. This can make your entire look worse.

6. Confidence:-

The last tip is that you are choosing the clothing item. You must have hundred percent comfortable in them.The clothes item you should like yourself. If you do not feel that item is really special or you feel bad, do not buy it. You should remember that your outfit will be good only if you are happy of that outfit yourself. Only then will your confidence increase.

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