Importance Of Skill Development For student In 2020

Why we need to learn new skills? 

Every one want to be successful in life. Someone wants to become an engineer and someone wants to become a doctor and someone wants to become something like actor, businessman etc. But not everyone knows how?  But first you have know about your inbuilt skills in your mind. You must have heard this word (Skill). Lot of people set their goals just because their friends and relation's also choose that field. Even if you don't know that skill. You go to that field only because your friends have become very successful in that field. This thing can ruin your life. Do not walk in the sheep if you want to be successful. that's why we need to learn new skills. No one can get success over a night, It takes a lot of time to learn skills. You have to give time for your work.

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Why It is important to learn new skills? 

We need to find our working abilities. This thing would have improved by working. The more you work, the more will you do Mistakes and the more you will find your shortcomings. Some people have a lot of knowledge some skills.  but they never try learn some thing new in life that's why they always doing that particular work forever. But you don't have to do. There should always be something going on in your mind. Must be excited to learn new things. If you do not want to live in one place in life, then you should always explore different things. 
                                               A factor comes between you and your success and that is competition. But If you have skills, no matter how much competition is there. That is why learning skills is so much more important. Because if you have skills, no one can win you and no one can stop you from being successful.  The second Factor is Focus. Yes guys focus is very important in life. The role of focus is very significant in you life just like a skill. This is also a skill that you must have in life. Because there is many benefits of  focus. 

                                                    First of all We need to know what the focus is. If you working on a project and you are not getting any success. At such times maximum people stop working and start watching some other work. But you do not have to do this. Keep doing the same thing until you get success. This is called focus. Many successful people such as Bill Gates say that the secret of being successful is their focus.

Importance Of Skill Development For student In 2020

Why is it important to learn new things at work?

Yes Guys, this thing is important and it happens automatically. It Mean that when you work continuously definitely you learn new things automatically. If you do any mistakes once then if you learn from the mistake , Then there is a lot of chance that you will not make that mistake again. that the benefits of learn from mistakes.
                                                  Okay now there is a process to get mastery in any skills. Follow these steps. and apply to you life to get mastery in you field. 

How To Improve Communication Skills - How To Improve English Speaking Skills

How to Get Mastery Any skills

There  are Four phases in this process that you have follow strictly. these are little bit complicated so Read Carefully.

1. Unconscious Incompetence

This is the first phase of learning. In this you do not know what to do. For example: If you want to become a YouTuber, but you don't know what to do to become a YouTuber. In this phase you don't know what you don't know. It gonna be little bit complicated so read carefully. Then what should we do in such a time. okay let's Try to understand  by Youtuber's example. First you have to get advice from people who are already YouTubers. You have to ask them what are the things that are needed to become a YouTuber. Which are the angles that you don't know. This is the first phase of learning after knowing everything. In which you know what you did not know. That's call Unconscious Incompetence. 

2. Conscious Incompetence

This is the second phase of learning skills. Understand this from the old example. Basically In this phase you know what you need to learn to become a YouTuber. For Example editing,  acting marketing and all. You did not know all this in the first phase.  In these simple words, you know what you do not know about becoming a YouTuber, like editing, acting , etc. When you get these things well,  you are ready to go to the third phase.

3. Conscious Competence

Now you have to do coaching. You have to work hard to learn these things. In order to learn those skills in your second phase, you have to be coaching or you will still have to learn those skills. Like you have to learn video editing, learn acting, you will have to learn communication skills. Basically You have to learn skills in this phase. You have to improve yourself. Like if you are learning to drive a car, then you know when to brake and when to race. Same as typing , When you were learning typing, you had to do everything by looking at it. Then you had to apply conscious Efforts. 

4. Unconscious Competence

This is the final phase of learning skills. You will have to practice in this phase. The practice is key of success. As if Shahrukh Khan is there, if someone asks him to act then he can do it very well. Because these skills have come in their blood. You too have to practice your skills until the skill comes in your blood. If you bring any skill to the fourth phase. You will become a master of the field. 

 These fourth Phase of learning is absolutely working. Read these points carefully with open mind. 

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How Does Learning benefits you?

First of all, let us know whether we are learning online or offline. There are many advantage of online learning and disadvantage also. It is true that by learning, you develop the mind. But there is a lot of difference between online learning and offline learning. Many YouTubers believe that learning things online quickly comes to mind. There are some online learning merits and demerits. 

Some Advantage of Online Learning

  1. Distant student can easily avail education.
  2. There is no age limits of learners.
  3. Online learning has no geographical barrier.
  4. It save time of the learner.
  5. Online learning is not expensive.
  6. It do not require any infrastructure to teach student.
  7. Student can take the help and use resources anytime.
  8. Study student easily available to the student and learner.
  9. Online learning is more effective because it is accompanied by various teaching ideas.
  10. Online Learning is free from boring lecture methods, it include other methods like demonstration, projects methods and so on.

Some Disadvantage Of Online Learning

  1. There is no relationship of people, teachers ,Student has to learn alone.
  2. Concept can not be understood without the help of instructors.
  3. Internet package now days are so costly.
  4. Slow internet speed is the biggest failure of online learning.
  5. Classroom interaction is missing.
  6. Only limited content is given on internet.
  7. Everyone is not able to run internet.
  8. Rural people/student can not access computers.
  9. Online learning require smart phone,  which cannot be afforded by everyone.
You learn online or offline but you have to keep learning. If you think that everything will be done by learning a little, then you think wrong. Most of the people blaming their luck and god. Luck also supports those who work hard. When you do some work and fail, then you should learn from that failure and not think of anything negative. There are many benefits of learning in life, but there is no use of sitting empty after failure. Losing and winning are temporary things but the knowledge not temporary its permanent. You should just wait for the chance. And as soon as you get a opportunity, you should fall behind the work. But again You must have skills to work. Without skills you're nothing. 

                                   There are some important skills which are very important in today's generations. You must have these skills for success in 2020. if you get mastery only on one skills ,  you can make money. Earning money becomes very easy when you get some work done very well. Students skills in Indian schools are not much respected. So if you are a parent, do not burden your children with education and support their skills. 

Top Skills Required In 2020 - Important Skills That You Must Have.

They are certain skills Which are never taught to you in school or college. but Which are very important for the jobs of the future. 

1. Solving Complex Problem

It means, Can you solve complex issues using your own intelligence. Solve your problems with your own mind. Only a human can do this. No computer or robot can't do this work. Because they have fixed data but a person can think and can set mind. This is a skill and it is going to be very useful in your life. When you learn to solve your problem yourself, you will have a lot of confidence in you. And you do not need to tell how important is confidence. 

2. People Management

This is a skill that does not learn in school or college. This skill is going to work for you for a long time. Because when you give so many people their work and manage them. So you need skills. Which is called People Management Skill. For this, you should have knowledge about the work of all those people. If someone works with you and you do not have much knowledge about his work, then he can fool you easily. You should talk politely to all your working partners. This is also a skill called Communications Skills. No one can stand alone, For this, the team is needed.

3. Multi-Learning

This means that you will have a friend engineer, a hotel manager and you a web developer. So you should also have knowledge of both of their fields. In future if you start a business with them, then your knowledge must be imported and exported. For Example Mark Zuckerberg, He have psychology and computer science subjects. Both subject at the same time. Do you know why he did this? Because He studied psychology because he had to know what a human being needs to do. And that's why he got the idea to create Facebook. By reading Psychology, he came to know that people are interested in each other's life. And want to share about life itself. Do you know if you also get such an idea. So, You should also have knowledge of different subjects.

4. Service Orientation

Service Orientations in not for hotel management student. It's for all of you. If you are doing some work then If you are doing some work, then it should help someone. You are giving services for peoples. There is a laborer who works for you, then you give him money. Provide services in exactly the same way. For example Google provides you the service of searching for everything. That is why it is such a big platform. Everyone loves Google's services. 

What are the benefits of skill acquisition?

India's transition to a knowledge-based economy requires a new generation of educated and skilled people. Government of India has invested an amount of 17,000 crores for skill development training. Currently, investing in the skill development industry can be a profitable idea. 
It is true that skills get benefits. But what type of benefits. What are these benefits going to be for you. The first thing is to get a mastery on a skill is a huge benefit in itself. Learning a skill is not as easy to learn as it looks. Because don't forget that thousands of people like you are also working hard like you. 
             The best benefit of learning skills is that you do not need anyone else. You can do your work on your own. You are able to do your field work. In the games, there is a big role of skills. Only then you can become a pro player. Similarly, there is a roll of skills in life too. Skills have to be improved here as in the game. One has to become a pro in his life too. Once you become a pro player in life, then no one can beat you in life. And by practicing all this will happen. Even in games, we play every day, which develops our skills. 

Nowadays is the age of the Internet. People can run their business easily even by working on the Internet. There are many skills that you can learn and make a lot of money on the Internet. You can learn photo editing. Can learn photography. You can be very successful if you have learned videos marketing. You can learn all these skills for free, everything is available on the Internet nowadays. You need to move. 

                Here is a list of some skills that you can learn for free through internet.

Top 20 Important Skills In 2020
  1. Video Editing
  2. videos productions
  3. photography
  4. Web development 
  5. Android Studio
  6. Adobe Photoshop
  7. Article writing
  8. Voice Over
  9. Fitness Trainer
  10. SEO Expert 
  11. Graphics designing
  12. Photo Editing
  13. Computer expert
  14. English teaching
  15. Teaching Communications skills
  16. Advertising skills
  17. google Adsense
  18. Social Media Manager
  19. Blogging
  20. Freelancing skills
You can learn all these skills easily from internet. If you learn one of these skills, you can do a lot of earnings. You have many advantages. If you start earning money from one skill then you will feel like learning other skills automatically. Always try to grow your number of earning source. From this it will be that when any one source fails, the earning will continue from the rest of the source. It is called a financial skill. Big businessmen also follow this method. They always have more than one business. 

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